Sales Assesments

SPQ Jason Forrest speaker leadership selling new home sales training and development creating urgencyWe are a licensed vendor of the most effective new home sales questionnaire available-the SPQ Gold, described as “the only test in the world specifically engineered to detect and measure all twelve types of Sales Call Reluctance, call reluctance impostors, and more.”

When a buyer who is “just looking” meets a reluctant salesperson, what happens? Nothing. People who are afraid of selling only sell to people who are interested, but the whole job of new home sales is to create interest.

According to some research, a bad hire can cost “14 times the annual salary or more in loss of direct revenue, decreased productivity, and lost time for management and other employees.”

The SPQ Gold developer, Behavioral Sciences Research Press, got it right. The SPQ Gold is much more than a personality test, and since personality alone does not determine success, this unique new home sales test helps ensure a good hire.


I have just finished all my pre-coaching goals with my team members. As a leader, I doubt that anything I have ever done will have the impact that these sessions will have. I realize that in the past, I have not known my players - had no idea what their dreams were, what motivated them to come to work each day. I feel like I have so much more purpose to my day, my life, my career - thank you for giving me direction and a path to go down. I have always cared - the big difference is my team now knows I care.

Roz Harris, Sales Manager,
The Villages, FL