About the Program

Learn how to convert the “Just Looking” Buyers!


Jason Forrest has created a triple-threat approach to increase your sales through this powerful five-week, live, interactive video coaching program. Your virtual conference will take you through this step-by-step plan that incorporates customized strategies to target your personal selling obstacles and includes real-life activities that you can apply with your next customer. It also provides motivation to keep you moving forward.

This is your REAL SOLUTION to increase sales and change your life by following Jason’s triple threat approach to success: Self, Science and Sweat.


Learn how to change your behaviors to reach your sales goals. Receive inspiration and advice from Jason (live via video and tele-conference). Interact with salespeople around the country who share your goals.


A step-by-step process to increase your sales productivity. Five weekly experiential assignments you can execute from your sales office. In-depth study of selling with the Seven Phases of Emotional Urgency.


Do what it takes to create some serious urgency with your customers. Weekly one-hour video coaching conference with Jason (6 live sessions over 5 weeks). Real-life application for your next customer.

Every great performer has a coach so should you!


“During my 22 years at The Villages, I have seen several sales trainers come and go. While all have some redeeming qualities, I had never really found a trainer that had a lasting impact. [...] Simply stated, [Jason Forrest] is a coach’s coach. What he brings to the table that others do not is a plan for implementation of continued structured coaching and accountability. [...]
There are several items to which we can credit the 395 homes sold in our community last month. Jason’s impact on our sales managers and the resulting impact they are having with their people is certainly a primary factor.”

Michael Berning, Executive Sales Manager
The Villages, FL