40 Day Sales Dare University

Forty Days to Earn What You’re Worth.

Too many sales careers end before they really even begin, and even the most seasoned pros can use an occasional pick-me-up, especially in sluggish markets. Whether you’re just starting out in your sales career, or simply need a shot in the arm, 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales gives you specific, relevant instruction on how to reach your full potential.

In his light, conversational manner, Jason Forrest serves up his real-world sales wisdom with forty days of manageable five-minute reading lessons, thought-provoking questions, and income-increasing dares. Chart your progress in the journal section and watch your career take off.

It’s relevant, it’s practical, and it works.

Jason dares you to explode your career (and your income) with 40 Day Sales Dare.


As a tenured agent, I have been involved in many training programs and seminars. But bar none the 40 Day Sales Dare has been most educational and rewarding. Its philosophies and techniques are so in tuned in today’s marketplace that even an old dog like myself, has learned a few new tricks.
Its ability to simplify the buying process is a major asset to all agents—old and new alike. I anticipate great times ahead for me, my peers and Woodside Homes as a whole.
I highly recommend this program to all but the competition. Thank you!

Doreen Ekmalian
Woodside Homes