Lesson Topics

  • Defining Your Purpose as a Coach
  • The Three Goals of Every Coaching Interaction
  • Increase Sales Representatives’ Knowledge of Correct Behaviors
  • Increase Sales Representatives’ Belief in Their Abilities to Execute the Correct Behaviors
  • Overcoming Common Coaching Fears
  • Implementing and Following a Structured Coaching Process
  • How to Define a Clear Purpose of Every Coaching Session Prior to Coaching
  • How to Set Proper Expectations in a Coaching Session
  • How to Increase the Motivational Buy-in of the Sales Representative
  • How to Maximize Time in Each Coaching Interaction
  • How to Leave with a Specific Next Action for Development
  • How to Follow Up with the Sales Representative to Hold Them Accountable to Behavioral Change

“If you are looking for an up-to-date, sincere, dynamic, energetic, and proven sales trainer who (and I consider this an absolute must) is a top level salesperson himself, Jason is the best I have seen. [...] We are only weeks into training with Jason, but the results are highly impressive and the attitude and direction are focused and very positive.”

Greg Smith
Main Street Homes, Austin, TX