Sales Management

Turning Sales Managers into Sales Coaches:

This unique sales training program, specifically for managers, teaches leaders to be active participants in the whole sales process. Rather than just teaching theory, we teach specific skills that are relevant to what is happening in the trenches, then walk sales managers through applying those skills with their sales pros.

Our proven approach equips sales managers with the necessary behaviors and beliefs to coach successfully in the current market.

Performance will increase by 22% with training alone but if that training is not accompanied by coaching and on-the-job reinforcement, your team will lose 87% of their training after just one month. Adding coaching to your sales team’s training program improves retention and increases performance by up to 88%!**

** Source: Sales Executive Council research

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What Sales Managers Learn:


We teach managers to hold sales professionals accountable to the specific behaviors and techniques that move prospects through the sales funnel and into converted deals.

Results-Focused Coaching

While most sales managers get involved only at the end of the sales process (after they get an offer), we teach managers to coach sales pros all along the way and be involved within the process of converting leads into sales. We teach them to advance the sale, speed up the sales process, and ask specific questions to hold their people accountable.

Nuts and Bolts

We will lead the sales managers through an experiential learning process of the vital behaviors, beliefs and techniques of effective sales coaching. Each week, we will teach a specific coaching technique to reinforce that week’s sales training topic. We will focus on handling specific challenges that arise from actual coaching sessions and will promote constructive conflict in order to facilitate real-world learning.


The Management Coaching that you gave to me over the past six weeks has been the most effective and applicable I have ever experienced! You have given me new and different ways to interpret and react to situations and again, they are producing immediate results!