Jeanne Conger of Meritage Homes in Houston, TX talks about the 2011 Sales Leadership Summit, saying that what Jason brings to the table is “his tactical expertise that says ‘when you’re in this situation here are three specific things that you can do”.

Cathy Bergstrom of Miller and Smith Homes in McLean, VA talks about Jason Forrest and the difference he’s made for her sales team over the last four years.

Todd Boydston, VP of Sales and Marketing for DR Horton Homes, gives his thoughts on the 2011 Leadership Summit.

Rich Tiller talks about his experience at the Sales Leadership Summit 2010, saying Jason’s “direction is very specific, very clear. So I go away saying ‘if I do this one behavior, my results will improve.’”

Kim Corbin of Main Street Homes in Richmond, VA discusses Jason Forrest’s training skills and how her sales team has improved the last 2 years with Jason’s help.

We just finished an 8-week program with [Jason Forrest] and are planning to start another one in July. It’s been one of the best trainings we’ve ever done. Our conversion rate went from 8% at the end of 2010 to 12% currently.
- Erin Fowler, Quadrant Homes 5/9/11

There are times when as a seasoned salesperson, you feel you found your niche and get into a comfort zone with your presentation. When you fail to close a sale, you just chalk it up to the prospect and not your sales presentation or the X factor. The dares refocused my thinking to jump out of the box I built for myself and to be a student of the sale. Now when I can’t close or when I get to an objection I failed to satisfactorily overcome, I sit down and dissect the presentation [...] to see how applying the dares to improving or fixing my presentations.
- Tim Tinoco, Woodside Homes

“If you are looking for an up-to-date, sincere, dynamic, energetic, and proven sales trainer who (and I consider this an absolute must) is a top level salesperson himself, Jason is the best I have seen. [...] We are only weeks into training with Jason, but the results are highly impressive and the attitude and direction are focused and very positive.”
- Greg Smith, Main Street Homes, Austin, TX

Most of us dislike the accountability and having to report results, or the lack thereof. That’s human nature. But without accountability, there is not progress. [40 Day Sales Dare] has helped me to see that I need to be more disciplined in follow-up, listening, questioning, and completing the process with each prospect.

Myself and others in our team are starting over with the book. I had the opportunity to visit a top, master planned community a few weeks ago and was shocked at the caliber of sales people. None of them had the skill set we are using. I was underwhelmed. This is our time! This is our day to be what we are destined to become – the top sales force in the nation!

Thank you for believing in us!
- Tom Cooper, Woodside Homes

“WHAT A GIFT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO CENTERLINE HOMES! [...] Your selling platform is and the incredible (AND IMMEDIATE) results it yielded!”

“I have been in this industry for 16 SHORT YEARS (since I was 25) and I have studied and have been mentored by many ‘Sales Professionals’ and Leaders in our industry- However, it has taken me this long to find a LEADER and MENTOR such as yourself that really, really GETS IT!”
- Deb Marton, Sales Manager, Centerline Homes, FL

“The 40 Day Sales Dare was in a word: awesome, defined in the dictionary as “very impressive.”It was truly a thrill a day. Woodside better start buying more lots. The training isn’t easy, but I am developing new habits that I know will improve my worth. It’s time to act my wage! Sometimes I think I would rather be doing P90X! But I would be just as ticked at Tony Horton for making me sweat too much! I did not miss one “workout” during the 40 Day Sales Dare!

It is refreshing as a new home sales veteran to expand my toolbox. But as my favorite dare (#39—Effort or Ability) implies: nothing magical comes without labor. I must dedicate myself to performing all dares to the best of my ability. Our team is also more motivated now than when we started the program. Keep it up Team NorCal! You rock!

Thank you Jason Forrest for making me sweat! You rock too! Dare I say,”Thank you sir. May I have another?”
- Scott Finn, Woodside Homes

“You’re an excellent speaker! Thank you for coming out to train us!”
- Susie Aboulhosn, Adams Homes, FL

“Thanks for the video conference. You are making a difference and I think most people on the team realize it! So, thank you! We currently have 16 sales on the board for the month of March!
- Kim Corbin, Main Street Homes, VA

To me, 40 Day Sales Dare program means more sales, more money, and more concentrated effort on daily sales habits.

Our team is highly motivated to stay connected by continuing to work the dares throughout the coming years. We are all fired up to get back on the sales floor full time to sell homes and have time to work the dares with every customer. Our team is planning a marketing campaign to schedule realtor tours and developed relationships with the 25 most productive real estate companies in our area. More people to practice our new sales skills on! Go Woodside Team.
- Mary O’Connor, Woodside Homes

“I thought the training with Jason was really good. Very thought provoking, and I am constantly asking myself how I can get better and be better in all aspects of my life.”
- Tracy Lamb, Sales Manager, Miller and Smith, VA

The 40 Day Sales Dare is an invaluable sales tool for today’s new home professional. It has given me the opportunity to maximize my ability to provide the best new home experience and a commitment to excellence for our Woodside home-buyers.

I am more motivated, more efficient, and more effective today than I was before the 40 Day Sales Dare program. This book has given our team a wider viewpoint of the new home process and a broader experience. We are Woodside Homes.
- Michael Scimia, Woodside Homes

“I just had to let you know how incredibly well my team did this past month– [we averaged] 5.2 transaction per rep. [...] We had our best month and are having our best year since 2006, so thank you for coaching our team to higher levels than imagined.”
- Mary Antepenko, Sales Manager, The Villages, FL

Dear Mr. Forrest,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn and apply your unique sales experience, training, and support. Your time, courtesy, and leadership selling are valued.
- Eric Armenta, DeYoung Properties

As a tenured agent, I have been involved in many training programs and seminars. But bar none the 40 Day Sales Dare has been most educational and rewarding. Its philosophies and techniques are so in tuned in today’s marketplace that even an old dog like myself, has learned a few new tricks.

Its ability to simplify the buying process is a major asset to all agents—old and new alike. I anticipate great times ahead for me, my peers and Woodside Homes as a whole.

I highly recommend this program to all but the competition. Thank you!
- Doreen Ekmalian, Woodside Homes

“The training WAS THE BOMB. [Jason Forrest] really took the selling aspect to a totally new level, and I would love to do the full course.”
- Ben Wallace, General Manager, Adams Homes, Birmingham, AL

I feel a complete power shift having completed the 40 Day Sales Dare program. I feel like I now own the sales process in our sales environment. When I have a new visitor into my sales office, I look forward to discovering the motivations for their visit. Myself, along with my fellow sales professionals have new tools to help move the sales process along.

The key for me has been in the follow-up and learning the importance of moving people to the next step. Although the ultimate goal is to get to the final decision, the process is more manageable one milestone at a time. This training has been a great investment in my future earnings! Thank you, Woodside Homes!
- Kristine Ballard, Woodside Homes

“I wanted to let you know how much I really do appreciate the help and wisdom you have given me. I am a Jason advocate!!”
- Tina Larson, Sales Associate, De Young Properties, CA

“We’ve had lots of new ideas since we met with you last. Our managers are taking more ownership of our sales team and attitudes have been great!”
- Elizabeth M. Porter, General Manager, Adams Homes, FL

“My salespeople told me that [Jason's] message gave them control over a time when they felt they had little control. We sold seven homes that week with only nine salespeople! [...] We believe that having Jason Forrest train our people on a frequent basis throughout the year is one of the distinct factors that has led to our success. We look forward to hiring Jason back for a third year.”
- Cathy Bergstrom, VP of Sales, Miller and Smith Homes, VA

What a journey! I thought the 40 Day Sales Dare challenge was like returning to the gym. As a salesperson, I become complacent and need to “work out” and hone my selling skills. At first, it was awkward and difficult, but as I got positive results, I started looking forward to the workout (dare). According to my tally, I will now be able to “bench press” an additional 15.75 homes for an annual revised goal of 41.75. Thank you Woodside for the investment in my training.
- Melissa Linkrose, Woodside Homes

“My confirmed appointments have increased by approximately 10 appointments due to the fact that I am taking more time and asking more questions per Jason’s training.”
- Lorraine Graham, Sales Associate, Hometown America

“Jason Forest was refreshing. He has a positive way of finding out why people want to buy new homes. He is a motivating sales trainer with positive interest toward salespeople. Thank you!”
- Sheila Basham and Jennie Sutton, Adams Homes, FL

Hi Jason,

Your training session with us at Woodside Homes was very powerful! Thank you! Between you and Rich Tiller, I’m selling at a higher level than a month ago. Before your training session, my goal was to sell two homes per month. Now, I know that’s entirely too few! I’ve raised it to 4 per month and hope to raise it to 6 per month soon.

Thank you, again.
- Cynthia Hunter Heinemann, Woodside Homes

“During my 22 years at The Villages, I have seen several sales trainers come and go. While all have some redeeming qualities, I had never really found a trainer that had a lasting impact. [...] Simply stated, [Jason Forrest] is a coach’s coach. What he brings to the table that others do not is a plan for implementation of continued structured coaching and accountability. [...]

There are several items to which we can credit the 395 homes sold in our community last month. Jason’s impact on our sales managers and the resulting impact they are having with their people is certainly a primary factor.”

- Michael Berning, Executive Sales Manager, The Villages, FL

“Your work reminded me of [Steve Jobs].

Our initial training session was really fabulous!  I’m not just saying this.  [...]  It is real, sensible and current.

The execution of your information is memorable, impactful, and relatable. [...]

Anyway… two words for you… YOU ROCK!!

Thank you and I look forward to learning more!”

Pamela Stone, Sales Associate, Richmond American Homes

“One of the biggest things I realized I’ve been doing is stopping the process MYSELF rather than letting the buyer stop it.  I’ve had a fear or misconception that I am moving too fast for them and have wanted to give prospects time to “sleep on it.”  I realize now that I have been self sabotaging, and to keep going full steam ahead unless they tell me otherwise.

Another thing I realized from the training is that I have been the biggest one standing in the way of my success.  I sometimes get discouraged when I see my peers selling homes when I’m not, and I automatically start blaming myself, thinking it’s me, thinking I’m doing something wrong, etc.  It’s not a new concept, but Jason helped me to remember that attitude is everything, and whether or not I believe I will succeed, I’m right.

So going forward, I am going to believe that everyone who walks in my door is going to buy a house from me, I’m going to sell them on their first visit, and I’m going to believe in myself enough to take them through the process!”

Lacey Stephenko, Sales Associate, Richmond American Homes

“Wow…it’s been a whirlwind learning curve and I am having a blast.  But I did want to let you know Jason, that today’s coaching session you gave us was the best one yet! [...]

Thanks again I really enjoyed today’s session and I felt I really needed it!  Thanks!  I can also use this to give to my team captain’s so they have a foundation as well!”

Denise Bourne, Director of Sales, Richmond American Homes

“Proof that the” little black dress’ does fit and “showing up” matters especially when we “pick the right song!” :)  Two contracts!”

Lauren Robert, Sales Associate, DSLD Homes


What a journey! I thought the 40 Day Sales Dare challenge was like returning to the gym. As a salesperson, I become complacent and need to “work out” and hone my selling skills. At first, it was awkward and difficult, but as I got positive results, I started looking forward to the workout (dare). According to my tally, I will now be able to “bench press” an additional 15.75 homes for an annual revised goal of 41.75. Thank you Woodside for the investment in my training.

Melissa Linkrose
Woodside Homes