One of the biggest things I realized I’ve been doing is stopping the process MYSELF rather than letting the buyer stop it. I’ve had a fear or misconception that I am moving too fast for them and have wanted to give prospects time to “sleep on it.” I realize now that I have been self sabotaging, and to keep going full steam ahead unless they tell me otherwise.

Another thing I realized from the training is that I have been the biggest one standing in the way of my success. I sometimes get discouraged when I see my peers selling homes when I’m not, and I automatically start blaming myself, thinking it’s me, thinking I’m doing something wrong, etc. It’s not a new concept, but Jason helped me to remember that attitude is everything, and whether or not I believe I will succeed, I’m right.

So going forward, I am going to believe that everyone who walks in my door is going to buy a house from me, I’m going to sell them on their first visit, and I’m going to believe in myself enough to take them through the process!

Lacey Stepenenko, Sales Associate
Richmond American Homes