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"This book contains 235 pages of value to make you a better sales professional, how does it (or should I say did it) make us better? The answer lies only within the people that truly bought into it and truly wanted to “Be liberated to sell to everyone, not just some.“ In my case, last year I sold six homes net in the first quarter, this while being asked to memorize scripts and all the while not really being explained the “whys” of what I was being told to say.

[In the first quarter, I sold] 13 homes with no national sales events and no negotiating on pricing. And never mind the fact that I had zero sales in January (this was BD (before Dares), so financially it certainly provided great value. [...]

Moreover, it made me understand that I can sell to everyone. It made me understand how to reach my full potential, self evaluate, have technique and intent, plot a course, give assignments, dare to compare…. Well you get my point.

So when asked what is the value of this book, my response would simply be it is invaluable to X Factor Sales Professionals. It is what will guide me as I progress in my career as a sales professional.

1st quarter sales up 51% this year over last, Coincidence …… I think not.

(Regarding 40 Day Sales Dare)

Chad Sanschagrin
Richmond American Homes