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Builder and Developer-“Characteristics of 2013′s Most Successful Sales Pros”

Posted: December 23, 2013

Embracing conflict is where it all begins. In this column post, Jason lists the characteristics found in 2013′s most successful sales pros. Do you possess any of them?

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RealtorMag-“The Dos and Don’ts of Leading Your Team”

Posted: December 12, 2013

Set clear expectations for your associates! Here, Jason lists the dos and don’ts that increase accountability.

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Houston Agent-“Overcoming Role Rejection”

Posted: December 5, 2013

How do you overcome the social disease of the sales professional? Jason says change the way you think!

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SOLDLab-“X Factors: Fail Forward Fast”

Posted: November 21, 2013

X Factors do not fear failure; they embrace it. In this article, Jason discusses the value of failure when used to fail forward.

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AutoSuccess-“The Missing Variable”

Posted: November 5, 2013

Are you the variable that is holding the sale back? In this blog post, Jason discusses how the sales pro could potentially hold the sale back.

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Realtor Mag-“Want Sustainable Growth? Hold Agents Accountable”

Posted: October 30, 2013

If you think of accountability, do you wince? Or do you get excited? If not the latter, it should be. Jason explains how power of progress and growth is strong when created through accountability.

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Houston Agent-“Overcoming Sales Reluctances: Stage Fright”

Posted: October 18, 2013

Does fear have a tendency to take hold of you at the worst moments? Jason discusses how to overcome sales reluctances in this article.

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Builder & Developer-“Leading the Home Decision: Selling the Home’s Interior”

Posted: October 13, 2013

When it comes down to the main objective, what point are you selling your buyer on? In this article, Jason addresses the importance of an intentional sales process, of which includes emphasis on selling a home’s interior.

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Dealer Marketing-“One Simple Close”

Posted: October 7, 2013

So you have stacks upon stacks of books advising you on how to close a sale? We say, toss them aside! Jason has one simple close. Click below to find out!

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Realtor Magazine-“Lock on, lock out for success”

Posted: October 1, 2013

Are you aware of the ideologies you lock on to? If so, are they healthy ones? It’s not enough to lock on to any belief, you must lock on to the right beliefs that will benefit your whole team.

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SOLDlab-“Power to Choose”

Posted: October 1, 2013

No matter what, you always have a choice. And when it’s put like that, there’s a sense of freedom, but also a sense of great responsibility. And though you’re bombarded with choices every minute of every day, the more you decide on the choice leading to earning what you’re worth, the more instinctive this mental pathway will become.

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EO Overdrive-“Making Stress Work for You”

Posted: September 24, 2013

Are you comfortable? Not good. Are you too stressed? Not good either. Where you want to be is in a place of what athletes call “Eustress”–the in-between. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing; likewise, if you’re too stressed, you’ll tear something. Use a slight amount of stress to cultivate a growth mindset.

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Houston Agent Magazine-“Overcoming Sales Reluctances: The Appearance of Success”

Posted: September 24, 2013

Do you know someone who is unhealthily image conscious? If so, they might be a hyper-pro. To overcome this, Jason explains that people with these tendencies should “ask for feedback about what really matters: their skills and sales process.”

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Builder & Developer-“Keeping the Sale Sold Amidst Rising Interest Rates”

Posted: September 9, 2013

Have you experienced the moments where all your training became crucial? Selling during rising interest rates are such moments. Jason discusses the three types of buyers during rising interest rates as well as how to sell to them.

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HB Resource-“X-Factor Belief: The Only Disability is a Bad Attitude”

Posted: September 5, 2013

Jessica Long, Paralympic Swimming Star, said, “I think you’re disabled if you have a bad attitude, and you don’t try.” We agree. The fact is, everyone faces harsh circumstances, but not everyone (after given the choice)  will choose to persevere or do something about their current situation; this is what separates the X Factor from everyone else.

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SOLDLab Online-“Anne Sullivan, The X Factor”

Posted: September 5, 2013

X-Factor people aren’t a recent phenomenon, they’ve been around for quite some time. Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller’s teacher, is one of them. Most people are interested in Helen Keller’s story and forget to look into Anne Sullivan’s. And although Helen’s story is one of pure amazement, it cannot be told without Sullivan’s.

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Dealer Marketing Magazine-“You Can Handle the Truth”

Posted: September 5, 2013

When it comes to buying big ticket purchases such as cars, buyers will nearly always have some sort of objection. As a sales pro, it is your job to dig deep into the objection because sometimes the stated objection isn’t the same as the buyer’s real objection.

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Upstart Business Journal-“How being honest and authentic about your brand can define your business”

Posted: August 27, 2013

Jason reveals the hardship of the process of working with a company’s brand. How we see ourselves isn’t always how others see us and that ties in to your company’s brand. First, consider who you currently are and who you want to become as a brand name, then…

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AutoSuccess-“Just Looking Buyer”

Posted: August 27, 2013

Buyers will often say that they are “just looking”. This is an opportunity for the sales pro to get the buyer to open up to them! They are looking for a reason, and if you are a sales pro with the right information and the gusto to seek out their desires, then you could change a “Looky Lou” to a “buying today!”

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Training Magazine-“Paradox of Success”

Posted: August 23, 2013

Lumping the P’s of marketing with the P’s of sales is a dangerous practice! People often forget the P’s on the right and go straight to the P’s on the left. In order to have success, there needs to be a good balance of both!

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Houston Agent-“Overcoming Sales Reluctances: Oh, the Over-Preparer”

Posted: August 20, 2013

Beware of the Over-Preparer! People with such tendencies think, think, think and then plan, plan, plan, but rarely ever do. The trick to overcoming this is…

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Houston Agent-“Sales Reluctance: Overcoming the Doomsayer in You”

Posted: July 29, 2013

Ever ask yourself “What If?” Of course you do–we all do. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When we realize our sales reluctances, we have the opportunity to combat them to become more successful. Everyone has fears, but successful people must learn how to combat them.

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REALTORMag-“Rising Interest Rates: Keep Calm and Prep On”

Posted: July 24, 2013

Rising Interest Rates matter! Even the slightest change might make a buyer flinch. That is why you the sales pro need to keep calm! See the rising interest rates as a challenge to the next level of a competition. Understand that rising interest rates mean that the economy is improving and your buyer’s purchase is supporting the health of the economy.

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REALTORMag-“Writers Who Shine Online”

Posted: July 23, 2013

Realtor Magazine recognizes “Writers Who Shine Online”. As one of it’s newest contributors, Jason Forrest is featured as one of REALTOR Mag’s newest contributors.

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SOLDLab-“X Factor Beliefs: Sales Pros as Franchise Owners”

Posted: July 22, 2013

Do you own your sales? Ownership is a powerful thing. As an X Factor, you own your sales success. If you believe there are changes you can make to earn you more money, make a plan for the changes you need to make and then do them!

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Builder & Developer-“Outdoor Living: Create an Experience”

Posted: July 14, 2013

What your competition isn’t thinking about is exactly what you should be! What do you think of when you think of a home? That’s what your clients are buying! Create an experience your buyers won’t forget!

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Octane-“Living and Breathing Your Brand”

Posted: July 2, 2013

In any business, branding is crucial for marketing and expansion. Jason recalls some of his experience with branding and understanding that it is more than a one time settlement–it’s a process! A company’s purpose is an every day endeavor and by extension, so is the brand.

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SOLD Lab-“X Factor Lessons From da 50-Yard Line”

Posted: July 2, 2013

Mike Ditka is a coach’s coach. Fifteen of his players have gone on to follow in his footsteps by coaching in the NFL (either as head coaches or assistants) and another dozen or so have coached football at some level. What qualities does Ditka possess and pass on that have made his legacy endure long after he hung up his whistle?

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Realtor Magazine-“Understanding Your Agents’ Foundations”

Posted: June 26, 2013

Have you ever wondered why some of your sales associates engage proactively and some react after the fact? It’s because of what they believe. Why do some real estate professionals dwell on circumstances while others believe that their successes and failures depend on them alone? It’s because of how they’ve been programmed.
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SOLD Magazine-“Goodbye, Guesswork. Hello Confidence.” (Page 20-21)

Posted: June 13, 2013

Each week in sales offices all across the nation, sales leaders ask the inevitable, “How many sales are you going to make this week?” And each week, big-ticket sales pros sweat, run through a variety of scenarios to give their best guess, or just don’t even try to answer accurately. You’ve seen them all.

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Builder and Developer-“Coach Your Sales Professionals to Higher Earning Potential”

Posted: June 3, 2013

When you’re leading a sales team, it’s important to know the obstacles your sales professionals will face and what you can do to lead them to success. Think of the most influential people in your life: the coaches, teachers, and mentors who have seen more in you than you could see in yourself. As a sales manager (coach), your job is to be that person to each of your team members. Why? Because the purpose of a coach is to lead sales professionals to do the things they don’t want to do so they can earn what they want to earn.

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Realtor Magazine-“Doing is Believing”

Posted: June 3, 2013

Have you ever found yourself fuming about a sales associate, saying, “I just don’t understand what could possibly possess them to act that way!”

You may have hit on the exact coaching problem you’re having, without even knowing it. You see, just as ineffective real estate professionals know little about themselves, ineffective brokers know little about their salespeople. In order to understand why a person is who they are and why they do what they do, you have to understand what drives their behavior.

Read more.“Jason Forrest, Author of Leadership Sales Coaching: Transforming from Manager to Coach”

Posted: May 27, 2013

What is Your Book About?

Leadership Sales Coaching provides 15 strategies and more than 75 principles to transform sales managers into leadership coaches. Driven by the core philosophy that when beliefs are in line the right behaviors follow, the book is for any sales manager looking to lead his or her sales teams to next level and develop sales professionals into the best version of themselves.

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HB Resource-“Beliefs and Behaviors”

Posted: May 18, 2013

In 2009, I graduated from a yearlong coaching program to help me develop as a world-class speaker. Every week, I had to turn in a script, plus one three-minute clip of me telling a story. My coach, Steve Siebold, then spent three hours on the phone with me critiquing it.

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Avid Builder-“Accountability Leads to Sustainability”

Posted: May 18, 2013

Even after sales leaders equip sales pros with all the information they need, they, like Erik, will need someone in their lives to hold them accountable.

People can be afraid of that word—accountability. They think it’s going to mean someone’s breathing down their neck, shining a spotlight on their every misstep, and making them feel they’re just not enough. It doesn’t have to be that way though. When sales managers gain a “want to” relationship with sales pros, they become less of a manager and more of a coach.

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Houston Agent-“Recognizing and Coaching to Overcome Sales Reluctances”

Posted: May 9, 2013

One of the most important qualities for someone looking to achieve a successful career in home sales is the ability to overcome sales reluctances. In order to overcome such fears though, brokers and agents must be able to first identify them.

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Builder & Developer Magazine-“Spring Selling and Beyond” (Page 32)

Posted: May 1, 2013

We’re approaching summer now so it’s time to think about what happens after the famous spring-selling season. It’s no secret springtime is an atmosphere for home sales. The combination of holiday busy-ness behind and warm weather ahead make for a great selling season. Prospects star considering where they want their kids to go to school in the coming year and the timing for getting settled in over the summer seems perfect.

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Realtor Magazine-“Improving Results with the P’s of Sales”

Posted: April 11, 2013

As a broker, what your team expects you to do is likely the exact opposite of what you need to do to be truly successful. But unfortunately, what others expect from you often becomes what you expect from yourself.

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SOLDLab-“Six Levels of Coaching for Brokers and Agents (Page 12)

Posted: April 5, 2013

Especially in troubled markets, customers will test you on incentives. Within minutes of meeting you, they will ask you to give away the farm. And when you give away the farm, you also give away your position of strength AND compromise your role – to improve your prospects’ lives.

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Houston Agent-“Six Levels of Coaching for Brokers and Agents”

Posted: April 5, 2013

If you’re a broker, you need a way to distinguish yourself from your many competitors. The things that can really set you apart are having a stellar sales process, exceptional people and flawless presentations.

These are what the most effective brokers focus on in order to build a solid, results-oriented team. However, those who stay in the first three levels of coaching (the most common and least effective) end up falling behind the pack.

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Fort Worth Business Press-“People of Banking and Finance in the News”

Posted: April 1, 2013

Jason Forrest, chief sales officer and management coach at Forrest Performance Group, won a gold Stevie Award in the Sales Training or Education Leader of the Year category at the 2013 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

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HB Resource-“Three Ways to Engage Buyers”

Posted: Mar 29, 2013

Too often, salespeople react to buyer questions and statements rather than engaging prospects. Consider the following three ways to engage potential homebuyers and increase your chances for a sale:

1. Extract Objections: Ask questions that help you understand buyer habits, lifestyle, and desires so that you can build a home around their needs.

Remember that buyers need someone to ask questions that help them express what they’re looking for. For example, instead of asking what a client thinks of a floor plan, ask, “What questions or concerns do you have about this floor plan?” Asking what bothers them about the market, the home, the builder, or the neighborhood gives then permission to share their true opinions.

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Sold Lab-“X Factor Beliefs: On Failure (Richard Branson)”

Posted: Mar 28, 2013

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” -Richard Branson

He’s a high school dropout with two arrests and one night in jail under his belt. He’s also a billionaire. And he’s not afraid of failure. In fact, Richard Branson, Virgin Entrepreneur, holds the X Factor belief that failure is a good thing — and a necessary part of learning. He says, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” As one who has fallen often, Richard Branson sure has learned a lot, despite the dyslexia and poor math skills that led to his early departure from formal education.

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Professional Builder-“Top 40 Under 40 Issue”(page 32)

Posted: Mar 27, 2013

Check out Jason on page 32 of the Professional Builder’s Top 40 Under 40 Issue!

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Dallas Business Journal-“Jason Forrest | Executive People on the Move”

Posted: Mar 22, 2013

Reason for being recognized:Jason won a gold Stevie® Award in the Sales Training or Education Leader of the Year category at the 2013 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. More than 1,100 entries were submitted to the competition. Jason trains sales professionals to earn what they’re worth and changes the culture of sales professionals through long-term coaching.

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Builder Magazine-Our client DSLD Homes is named as on of America’s Best Builders and includes FPG training as part of the company’s core principles – “Striving for Greatness”

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Customer service: Two-fifths of DSLD’s sales come from referrals. DSLD’s 30 salespeople are trained—through protocols and procedures established by Forrest Performance Group, a sales consultant—to serve as counselors who help buyers anticipate roadblocks and get through the purchasing process as painlessly as possible.

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SOLD Magazine-“Maintaining Your Position of Strength (Page 12)

Posted: Mar 18, 2013

In order to maintain your position of strength, you must accept and execute your role as the leader in the sales professional to customer relationship. As the person who knows the most about your product, you are the natural leader in the relationship.

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Builder & Developer-“Selling the Benefits of Green (Page 36)

Posted: Mar 14, 2013

Green has become the buzzword-of-choice at conferences across the nation. And while a greener house may very well be a superior product, it’s not the industry’s singular savior. Because better homes don’t overcome uncertainty and even the greenest home cannot sell itself.

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Selling Power-“Q & A: Five Tips for Better Sales Management”

Posted: Mar 5, 2013

1) What’s one of the most common questions you get from sales managers about how they can improve?

A common question is how to motivate salespeople to consistently practice the right behaviors. It’s one thing to get reps fired up and temporarily pursue the right behaviors, but it’s very different to drive them to want to make changes because they believe it’s the best thing for them.

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AVID Builder-“Lessons from Good Old-School Selling”

Posted: Feb 28, 2013

There’s been a troubling trend in sales. People are shying away from using the term and even suggesting that they don’t have salespeople, they have “counselors.” Maybe this stems from the idea of a used-car salesman with a cheesy smile who lies and manipulates people. Or someone who is self-serving and corrupt like Bernie Madoff. I’m not endorsing that kind of old-school selling. But there are elements of old-school selling beliefs and techniques that are beneficial and healthy to both prospect and sales pro alike.

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Training Magazine-“How to Improve Your Brand and Workplace Performance”

Posted: Feb 27, 2013

In April 2012, I had a branding session to discuss everything our company is and isn’t. For a full day, we discussed our values, strengths, and passions. We talked about the unique qualities that separate our brand from others. It’s an important exercise for any business, but it’s important for individuals, too.

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Houston Agent-“Brokers and Agents: Revere Sales”

Posted: Feb 27, 2013

Average Realtors and brokers like getting sales, but the pros revere the science and the art of selling.

Because of his love and respect for the game of football, NFL Coach Bill Walsh celebrated the science and the art of a well-executed play, whether or not the play was successful. Success to him was when his people did what they were trained to do with precision. On the other hand, a play that resulted in the desired result, but was executed sloppily, earned his correction.

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TCU Alumni/Froglinks-“Leadership Sales Coaching” is the first book ever created to transform sales managers into sales coaches

Posted: Feb 23, 2013

Author and nationally acclaimed sales trainer Jason Forrest has released his third book, “Leadership Sales Coaching.” Packed with winning tactics honed by Forrest through his thousands of hours spent leading seminars and conducting coaching calls as Chief Sales Officer of Forrest Performance Group, “Leadership Sales Coaching” is an invaluable resource for sales leaders in major industries across the board – from the housing market to the auto sector.

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Sold Lab-Creating Urgency For Sales Success (Page 14)

Posted: Feb 22, 2013

In order to accomplish mutual accomplishment, the phases of emotional urgency must be completed with all of the buyers involved. Mutual accomplishment cannot be achieved with just a nod of the head – it requires an emotional commitment and an outward agreement from the prospect.

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HB Resource-Be Open

Posted: Feb 22, 2013

In 2004’s market, homebuyers were lining up and sometimes even camping out to buy new homes. It’s not that way now. Keeping retail hours opens up a huge window of sales opportunities. Think about it—you don’t ask to leave early so that you can go shoe shopping, do you?

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Builder and Developer Magazine-Tapping Ino Buyer Motivation to Sell Multifamily Homes (page 36)

Posted: Feb 15, 2013

As a sales pro in a multifamily community, make sure you understand every benefit your community offers and which of the four buying motives they fall into.

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National Association of Realtors-Training from the Good Old-School by Meg White

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

While running like crazy around the Las Vegas Convention Center covering the 2013 International Builders Show last week, I didn’t imagine I’d find time to hear assertions about similarities between Jesus Christ and Bernie Madoff. Thankfully, I got a chance to unwind with author and sales coach Jason Forrest, for whom unconventional irreverence comes naturally.

We managed to find a somewhat empty meeting room to talk, just minutes after he sold his last Builders Show copy of his new book. Forrest already has two books about becoming a better salesperson under his belt, but his latest, Leadership Sales Coaching: Transforming From Manager to Coach, takes training to the brokerage level. I asked him about some of the challenges he, as one of Training magazine’s Top Young Trainers of 2012, encounters in the old-school world of established real estate brokerages.

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Sold Lab-X Factor Attributes for Surviving the Shark Tank

Posted: Jan 27, 2013

In ABC’s The Shark Tank, entrepreneurs share their ideas and/or products with proven businesspeople who have the cash to fund their dreams. An X Factor entrepreneur survives in the tank by having thick skin and hot beliefs. Such X Factor attributes are vital to thriving as a sales pro as well.

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Builder Radio-Sales Manager vs. Sales Coach: A new mindset

Posted: Jan 25, 2013

The title has survived for decades: Sales Manager.
But what does a Sales Manager do? A sales manager can manage processes, paperwork, and tasks; he or she can set rules and manage office hours and who’s up. They can manage inventory and literature. They can even manage sales teams.

What sales managers can’t do is manage individual sales professionals. Great salespeople are unmanageable. They don’t need to be managed, though they absolutely need to manage themselves, i.e. be in control of their time, presentations, thoughts, behaviors and attitudes.

So, instead of being managed, top salespeople need to be coached.

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SOLDLab–Phases of Emotional Urgency(Page 12)

Posted: Jan 02, 2013

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Builder & Developer–The Joys and Challenges of 2013 (Page 40)

Posted: Jan 01, 2013

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Builder & Developer–In It to Win It (Page 52)

Posted: Dec 21, 2012

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SOLDLab–Zig Ziglar – The Ultimate X Factor

Posted: Dec 16, 2012

When there’s a person who millions credit with helping them identify, stick to, and ultimately achieve their goals, that person is usually an X Factor with X Factor beliefs. Zig Ziglar was certainly one of them. He’s someone whose voice people recognize over the airwaves and whose height they could only determine by what they see on a screen. But for me, Zig was real. Everything he was on those airwaves and on video is what he was to me in real life. He was the guy who stood in front of me and a bunch of other kids each week, making church not boring. He was my Sunday school teacher.

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SOLDLab–The X Factor Creates Urgency (Page 16-17)

Posted: Dec 9, 2012

When I was eight years old, I watched my dad present three one-carat diamonds to a young couple. The stones were identical to the naked eye and ranged from $3,000 to $15,000. But after my father demonstrated the differences with special equipment , the couple bought the most expensive one. They spent five times more for something they couldn’t even see. Without my dad’s ability to communicate the value of the superior diamond, the difference would have meant nothing to the couple.

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Speaker Magazine–Complete Training Programs Stand Apart

Posted: Dec 8, 2012

Starting a big-ticket sales training/ strategy company in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression may not have made sense to most people. After all, in 2008, many companies were busy slashing their training departments to bare bones. But what may have seemed like the worst time to launch what has evolved into Forrest Performance Group was actually the best. I knew then, as I know now, that if we wanted to be successful, we needed to do something different. We needed to create more than a one-day seminar or an inspirational rally.

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HB Resource–Springtime Sales in December

Posted: Dec 6, 2012

How many homes could you sell if your competition stopped selling?

In December, that’s exactly what happens. Since the longstanding belief in homebuilding is that the fourth quarter is slow, sales professionals mentally check out, making sure that the mindset is perpetuated year after year. While your competition is passing through December believing that they can’t sell anything, you can get busy picking up the sales they’re letting go by. It will be like you’re selling against no one.

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SOLD Magazine–The X Factor Belief: Change What You See

Posted: Nov 13, 2012

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Henry David Thoreau

The way you see yourself, the possibilities, and your role as a sales professional has a major effect on your career, job satisfaction, and income. And that’s what this column is all about. Previously, we covered an athlete for the Paralympics who says, “the only disability is a bad attitude.” And that’s a classic example for today’s X Factor belief — it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

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Avid Builder–No Fear of Conflict

Posted: Nov 9, 2012

“Without struggle, there is no progress.”—Frederick Douglass
Training that doesn’t change behavior is nothing more than education. Coaching takes it to the next level—providing changed results and equipping sales professionals to become the best version of themselves. It’s a challenge to get your people to exceed their own expectations, but one of the most important qualities you can have to make it happen is no fear of conflict. Because conflict allows you to grow your people and also to build trust.

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SOLD Magazine–The X Factor Belief – Never a Victim

Posted: Oct 29, 2012

“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.” – Richard Bach

An X factor sales professional never sees themselves as a victim. Ever. Instead, they operate with a growth mindset that says, “What I am currently doing equals what I am currently getting. If I improve what I am currently doing, then I will improve what I am getting.” What we say to each other and ourselves can have a direct impact on cultivating a growth mindset or fixed mindset.

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SOLD Magazine–Improving People’s Lives (Page 12-13)

Posted: Oct 25, 2012

The greatest tool you have as a sales professional is the power of urgency. True urgency goes way beyond incentives, deals, and other circumstances. True ur- gency comes from a person’s desire to improve his/ her life. This desire has more influence over a person’s buying decision than any other factor. And this is at the core of creating urgency.

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Houston Agent Magazine–Brokers and Agents – You Might Be an X Factor

Posted: Oct 17, 2012

The mark of an x factor is the belief that you are in control of your future – the captain of your ship. The determining factor in whether a prospect becomes a sale; or a sale becomes a referral; or a brokerage becomes a national success. “X” factors take responsibility for their own lives and successes.

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HB Resource–Fearless Sales Pros Prevent Cancellations

Posted: Oct 11, 2012

As soon as I drove off the lot in my brand new silver Audi TT with black interior, I saw one with a convertible top and tan interior. And I wondered, “Should I have gotten that one instead? Did I make the right choice?” Why? Because I’m human. And humans are switchers by nature. Sales pros need to understand a few things about human nature in order to prevent cancellations.

Read more.–Reclaiming Our Hope (page 14-15)

Posted: Oct 05, 2012

Anyone who chooses a career in sales also chooses the potential risks and rewards of the trade. And whether we’re telling the family that Christmas is going to be a little lean this year or riding high on the thrill of success; the consequences have a big impact.

Read more.–The Only Disability is a Bad Attitude

Posted: Sep 16, 2012

Welcome to my new column, covering what I call X factor beliefs — those that set top sales pros apart from the rest. Long is a clear example of an X factor because, even though she acknowledges she has to “work that much harder to be equal with the other kids,” she believes that no circumstance or perceived hindrance qualifies as a disability — only lack of effort and a bad attitude.

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Houston Agent Magazine–Brokers as Coaches

Posted: Sep 14, 2012

People can be afraid of that word – accountability. They think it’s going to mean someone’s breathing down their neck, shining a spotlight on their every misstep and making them feel they’re just not enough. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. When your team members see that time with you increases their paychecks and helps them achieve more satisfaction in their careers, they will want you to play the role of coach in their lives.

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HB Resource–Are you ready to convert the emerging buyers?

Posted: Aug 6, 2012

Just over a year ago, we posted about the pent-up demand that the housing crash was causing–because it seems that the bursting bubble also burst many peoples’ hopes to move up, move out, or move on.

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Fort Worth Business Press

Posted: Aug 6, 2012

The National Speakers Association welcomed Jason Forrest, chief sales officer of Forrest Performance Group, into the Million Dollar Speakers Group. Composed of the top 1 percent of speakers worldwide, the group includes men and women from various industries who are members of the national association and earn more than $1 million in the professional speaking business each year. Forrest, 33, is one of the youngest members to qualify for the group. He coaches and trains both public and private homebuilding clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Avid Builder–Stop Selling to Increase Revenue? Nuts!

Posted: Aug 6, 2012

I went to the dealership a loyal Audi-ist and walked away with keys…to a BMW. It didn’t have to be that way, but the Audi salesperson seemed to be taking Mike Myatt’s advice — To Increase Revenue, Stop Selling. He handed me a key and sent me on a test drive.

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Jason Forrest a “mover and a shaker,” says Dallas Business Journal:

Posted: Jul 27, 2012

“Forrest has earned a spot in the National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group (MDSG). Comprised of the top 1% of speakers worldwide, the MDSG includes people from various industries who earn more than one million dollars in the professional speaking business each year. At 33 years old, Forrest is one of the youngest members to qualify.”

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Houston Agent Magazine–Brokers and Agents – Dig Deep For Big Success

Posted: May 18, 2012

No matter if you’re a broker or an individual agent, you want to know how to get the most success from yourself or your team. Agents and brokers can either blend into the crowd with every other agent and team, or stand out by providing an excellent process and presentation. Focus your energy on deeper aspects of selling for maximum results.

Your product and pricing can only distinguish you to a certain extent, so the most fruitful coaching/self-coaching focuses on the things that can really set you apart in the eyes of the customer – causing repeat business and the ever-important referral.

While each level has its place, brokers and agents who focus heavily on the sales process, presentation and people are most effective at building a solid, results-oriented team mentality. However, those who spend the most time focused on circumstances, results and behavioral activities (the most common and least effective) end up falling behind the pack. Following are the six levels of coaching, as well as the characteristics, principles and benefits of each.

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HB Resource–Today’s New Home Sales Challenge: Creating Interest in the Uninterested

Posted: May 8, 2012

Just a few years ago, most of the visitors to new home sales offices arrived
interested in buying. Things have changed and fewer people enter our sales offices ready to buy. This presents a major challenge for today’s new home sales force that can no longer ride the current of a building and buying boom.

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PR Log–J Forrest Group to Lead a Nationwide Sales Training Program for Richmond American Homes

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

J Forrest Group recently signed a contract with Richmond American Homes to lead a companywide sales training and management program for Richmond American’s new home sales professionals, sales coaches and executives.

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SMI Magazine–Buckets of Behaviors: How to Improve Your Performance and Income

Posted: Apr 1, 2012

“If you are able to read, but choose not to, you may as well be illiterate. Just the same, if you’ve been trained in all the best sales techniques and behaviors and choose not to implement them, you may as well be untrained. I like to think of our sales knowledge as residing in three buckets—the first bucket contains what we know and do regularly; the second contains what we know but only do sometimes; and the third contains what we don’t know, and therefore don’t do. The more we can move positive behaviors into the first bucket, the better off we are.

Your results come directly from your behaviors. My associate, Jeanne Conger, says “A sale is a trailing indicator of prior activities.” That means that if you increase positive activities, you get better results. Easy, right? Well maybe I should say it’s simple, but not necessarily easy. And that’s because it’s easier not to change what we do. It’s easier to do the same things day after day and get in a rut, blaming our lack of progress on everything but our behaviors.

In an industry of finger pointing and excuses, it’s time to take ownership of our careers and lives. It’s time to take the attitude that whether we succeed or fail, it’s all on us. The fact of the matter is that people are still buying homes and the best new home sales professionals are still earning their worth. I conducted a recent training where sales coaches raved about a team member who is poised to end the year around a $375,000 income.

So let’s talk about that first bucket—the one filled with the positive behaviors you know and do regularly. Your current performance is equal to level at which you are currently performing these items. Want to increase your performance? Increase the level at which you perform the items currently in this bucket.”

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Avid Builder–Realtor Relations — Three Agent Fears and How to Ease Them

Posted: Mar 26, 2012

Realtors are partners, not competition. And they are crucial to a sales professional’s success. Unfortunately, sales professionals often make the mistake of ignoring realtors or creating an unintentionally hostile environment. Sales professionals who handle realtor relations wisely and with finesse will increase their realtor co-op rate (and in turn, their sales). Making an extra effort to gain loyalty pays off. One of the best ways to bolster your reputation among the realtor community is to create a cooperative environment by calming agents’ fears.

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Training Mag–2012 Top Young Trainer Award Winners

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

Training magazine named the winners of its 2012 Top Young Trainer awards, recognizing the top 40 training professionals age 40 and under. These executives will be profiled in the May/June 2012 issue of Training magazine and online at, and they will be honored at an awards ceremony in February 2013 at the Training 2013 Conference & Expo, World Disney World Resort, FL.

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HB Resource–Fearless Sales Pros Think Growth

Posted: Mar 15, 2012

Fearless sales professionals operate with a growth mindset, one that says, “What I am currently doing equals what I am currently getting. If I improve what I am currently doing, then I will improve what I am getting.” What we say to each other and ourselves can have a direct impact on cultivating a growth mindset or fixed mindset.

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Avid Builder–Sales Coaches: Encourage a Growth Mindset

Posted: Mar 5, 2012

Fearless sales professionals and coaches operate with a growth mindset. A growth mindset says, “What I am currently doing equals what I am currently getting. If I improve what I am currently doing, then I will improve what I am getting.” What we say to ourselves and our teams can have a direct impact on creating a growth mindset or fixed mindset.

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HB Resource–Self Evaluation

Posted: Feb 10, 2012

What kind of salesperson are you? Are you a crusader on a mission who approaches each day with intensity and works each lead to its fullest? Are you a connector who makes people feel good but sometimes lets a sale slip by? Or are you an average salesperson who people are unlikely to remember? Neither good nor bad? Take the following test to determine if you are more of a pleaser or more of a fearless sales professional.

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Builder News Blog–Overcoming Sales Reluctance: The Doomsayer

Posted: Feb 7, 2012

There’s a doomsayer in each of us—a worrier filled with the what ifs. What if I make a mistake? What if I disappoint people who are counting on me? What if December 12th, 2012 really is the end?

In the first of a 12-part series on overcoming sales reluctances, we’ll talk about the crippling patterns of those with doomsayer tendencies as well as how to overcome the gloom and doom in our minds.

As always, I want to first acknowledge that having sales reluctance, including doomsayer tendencies, doesn’t doom us to poor salesmanship. On the contrary—the more we understand our reluctances and how to combat them, the more successful we can be.

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Avid Builder–Selling is Complete Communication

Posted: Feb 3, 2012

A complete new home sales process follows the classic communication model: Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. Only with sales, we show and tell since the new home sales process is very interactive.

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Nation’s Building News–Nine Steps That Can Improve Your Brand, Help You Make More Sales

Posted: Jan 30, 2012

I like the idea of personal branding, as explained by Tom Peters in “The Brand Called You,” and believe that every salesperson and new-home sales manager should understand what sets them apart.

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Builder News Blog–Overcoming Sales Reluctance (an introduction to our 12-part series)

Posted: Jan 19, 2012

One of the most important abilities for achieving a successful career in new home sales is the ability to overcome sales reluctances. In order to overcome our fears though, we must be able to first identify them.

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HB Resource–Combating Decision Fatigue

Posted: Dec 26, 2011

This time of year, the choices are nonstop — secret Santa or gifts for everyone? Hit the malls or shop online? Sip an egg nog or down some sugar cookies? And according to research, it may not be just the high availability of sweets that contributes to our seasonal overindulgence. It may also be the sheer volume of choices we have to make. You see, by the end of each decision-filled day, we reach our limit and are more apt to delay (I can’t think about that right now — ask me tomorrow.) or take the easiest route (egg nog or sugar cookies? Yes, please!). We may not even feel physically tired, but mentally, we’re suffering the effects of decision fatigue.

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Builder News Blog–The Perfect Storm for High Cancelations (and the Key to Prevention)

Posted: Dec 20, 2011

As soon as I drove off the lot in my brand new silver Audi TT with black interior, I saw one with a convertible top and tan interior. And I wondered, “Should I have gotten that one instead? Did I make the right choice?” Why? Because I’m human. And humans are switchers by nature. Sales pros need to understand a few things about human nature in order to prevent cancellations.

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Builder News Blog–Change Your Outlook to Change Your View

Posted: Dec 6, 2011
The way you see yourself, the possibilities, and your role as a salesperson has a major effect on your career, job satisfaction, and income. Harvard research shows that, regardless of their college experience, within seven years, most people will find a career that achieves a similar lifestyle to what they grew up in or they will marry into it. Because it’s what they believe they’re capable of, people will strive to get to that point. That means that what you believe and how you see yourself is just as important as what you do.

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Avid Builder–Springtime Sales in December

Posted: Dec 5, 2011

How many homes could you sell if your competition stopped selling? In December, that’s exactly what happens. Since the longstanding belief in homebuilding is that fourth quarter is slow, salespeople mentally check out, making sure that the mindset is perpetuated year after year. While your competition is passing through December with the mindset that they can’t sell anything, you can get busy picking up the sales they’re letting go by. It will be like you’re selling against no one.

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Home Builder Magazine, Canada–Building a Brand

Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Just like in the U.S., the Canadian home building industry goes through cycles. In 2004, many American builders had gotten a bit lazy. They got used to folks lining up outside their doors to contract on a home. When the shift happened, and the supply began to outweigh the demand, the most successful builders were those that didn’t allow themselves to get too comfortable in the boom. They set themselves apart with unique selling messages and a strong brand in the eyes of the consumer.

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Builder News Blog–Four Myths About Active Adults Buyers Dispelled

Posted: Nov 14, 2011

Operating under preconceived notions about 50+ buyers affects the way we sell to them and, ultimately, how successful we are.

It’s that whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing. If we think our prospects aren’t going to buy from us, we approach them with less urgency. They, in turn, respond by purchasing from a competitor.

As new-home sales professionals, we need to break loose from the mindsets that hold us back with 50+ buyers by gaining a better understanding of who they are and what motivates their buying decisions.

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HB Resource–Unyielding Beliefs

Posted: Nov 11, 2011

Ask any diehard football fan why their team is the best and they’ll have a solid answer, supported by both statistical and emotional evidence. The more you argue, the stronger their opinions seem to be. They are actually fueled by conflict. They’ll talk about current players, former players who have gone on to coach other teams, and past seasons. Talk about a recent losing streak and they’ll tell you why number of wins isn’t the only barometer for a team’s merit. Say, “I don’t get it” or “I’m not convinced” to a true Dallas Cowboys fan and see what happens.

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Builder News Blog–Tapping Into Buyer Motivation to Sell Multi-family Homes

Posted: Nov 4, 2011

From low-maintenance to access to the high life – condos and townhomes offer a multitude of benefits. But each buyer has varying reasons for considering this type of housing over the single-family alternative. The four dominant buying motives are pride, profit, pleasure, and peace. While pride buyers go for ego and like to brag about getting “the first” or “the best;” profit buyers are more concerned with making a solid investment and/or saving money. Peace buyers want to minimize risks and take the safe route and pleasure buyers want to make themselves feel good.

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50+ Housing eSource–Active Adults and Buying Myths Revealed

Posted: Oct 31, 2011

Having preconceived notions about our buyers affects the way we see them and the way we sell to them. It’s the whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing: if you think your prospects aren’t going to buy from you, you approach them with less urgency. And then they go around the corner and buy from your competitor.

As new home sales professionals, we need to bust loose from the mindsets that hold us back with the over-50 crowd. Here are some of the myths about active adult buyers, and how to combat them (the myths, not the buyers).

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Builders News Blog–The Whys Behind Desires

Posted: Oct 28, 2011

Why do you sacrifice what you do to be a new home sales professional? Why do you work retail hours and endure weekends and holidays away from your family and friends? The easy answer may be that you want to make more money (albeit with a bit of risk) than you could in an 8-5 job. But take it a little deeper. Why do you want to make more money? Maybe you want to travel or provide opportunities for your family. And why do you want to travel or provide for your family? To improve your life.

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Builders News Blog–Six Levels of New Home Sales Coaching

Posted: Oct 17, 2011

If you’re a production builder, you’re probably building practically the same house as most of your competitors. Your product is unlikely to distinguish you, so you better focus on the things that can really set you apart.

Sales managers who coach the sales process, people, and presentation are most effective at building a solid, results-oriented team. However, those who stay in the first three levels of coaching (the most common and least effective) end up falling behind the pack. Below are six levels of new home sales training/ coaching and the characteristics of each.

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Houston Agent Magazine–Jeanne Conger Joins Posted: Oct 7, 2011

J Forrest Group

J Forrest Group, one of the nation’s leading new home sales training companies, has recently added Jeanne Conger to their team of sales coaches.

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Builder News Blog–Three Ways to Engage Buyers

Posted: Oct 2, 2011

Too often, salespeople react to buyer questions and statements rather than engaging prospects. Consider the following three ways to engage potential homebuyers and increase your chances for a sale.

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HB Resource–Lead From Behind

Posted: Sept 26, 2011

One of my tasks as a Banana Republic salesman was to “bus” the fitting rooms. Removing eliminated options kept shoppers from feeling overwhelmed and helped them focus on finding something they liked. Leading isn’t always, “Follow me; I know what’s best.” Sometimes, it’s more subtle. Leading from behind involves helping clients eliminate other options.

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Builder News Blog–Be Open

Posted: Sept 16, 2011

In 2004’s market, homebuyers were lining up and sometimes even camping out to buy new homes. It’s 2011 now. The position of strength has shifted and we need to shift with it by keeping retail hours and opening up a huge window of sales opportunities.

Think about it—you don’t ask to leave early (in a down economy, no less) so that you can go shoe shopping, do you? Why do we expect different from our customers? We’re basically asking our buyers to turn to their bosses and say, “Can I leave two hours early? Oh, and by the way, I’m going to have to do this more than once because I’ll only make it to see one community tonight.” We are disenfranchising the consumer and decreasing our chances for a sale.

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HB Resource–Embracing Objections

Posted: Sept 8, 2011

The sale begins when the customer says no.

We’re now on one of my favorite topics in our series on the attributes of fearless sales professionals — embracing objections. Fearless sales professionals consider themselves consultants to their prospects, and as such, they love conflict. An advisor wants to bring up conflict so that they have something to advise.

I often hear that about 80 percent of prospective homebuyers never come back for a second visit and that only 20 percent come in and reveal everything they’re concerned about up front. Do you think there is a correlation? I do.

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Builder News blog–Hot Beliefs

Posted: Aug 26, 2011

William James says “hot” beliefs are the ones that we’re more willing to act on, face conflict over, and even die for. When sales professionals lack “heat” in their beliefs, their sales performances suffer. On the other hand, if they strongly believe that it’s worth the risk to buy in this economy and that their homes are the best solution; prospects sense their enthusiasm. As sales professionals, we set the tone. Prospects will follow our passion and enthusiasm even if they’re not 100% convinced.

I go toe to toe with my most skeptical prospects…

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HB Resource–Great Income in Any Market

Posted: Aug 23, 2011

My favorite attribute of fearless salespeople is that they never see themselves as victims. While sales managers often try to encourage their teams by saying things like, “We’ll weather this storm,” or “We’ve just gotta sit tight and wait for the upswing;” they don’t see that such phrases actually take the power and hope away from sales professionals.

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Avid Builder–Credit Downgrade and Instilling Consumer Confidence

Posted: Aug 16, 2011

Talking points to calm home buyers’ fears:

If you want advice for a wonderful and lasting marriage, don’t ask Hugh Hefner. Ask a couple who have been happily married for four decades. If you want to understand the U.S. economy, listen to those who have made a fortune by doing just that. Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men, said of the S&P downgrade, “I don’t get it. In Omaha, the U.S. is still triple-A. In fact, if there were a quadruple-A rating, I’d give the U.S. that.”
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Nation’s Building News–Boost Business by Adopting Nordstrom’s Inverted Pyramid

Posted: Aug 8, 2011

Whether accepting used tires as returns or sending personalized thank-you notes to customers, Nordstrom’s customer service is the stuff of legend.

While traditional business models put the CEOs at the top of the hierarchy and customers at the bottom, Nordstrom’s inverted pyramid structure for customer service ensures that the retailer’s decisions are made in the best interest of its consumers. With the Nordstrom approach, if you do right by the customer, you do right by business.

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TCU Alumni–Featured Frog: Jason Forrest

Posted: Aug 1, 2011

How has your career benefited from TCU and the Alumni Career Network?
One of my first major clients (McBride Homes) was a Horned Frog. I was able to use that as the launch pad to close the deal.

How has being a Horned Frog impacted your business?
TCU Purple is a prominent color on my website, my training materials, and even in my wardrobe. I wear only TCU Purple socks for speaking events. Someone will catch a glimpse so I tell them that I’m an avid fan of TCU and that my wife and I are currently building our house close enough to the stadium that we can hear the roar of the crowd on game days.

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Builder News blog–Sales Training: Not Just for Sales People

Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Your business’s brand is more than the finished product, more than how it looks on paper, more even than reputation. Gallop research shows that, for a customer, brand is defined every time an employee and customer touch. Even if you outsource, customers consider external contractors a part of you. As such, they impact your brand—whether for good or evil. Unfortunately, those with different titles often don’t see themselves as sales people. But they should.

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Builder News blog–Managers: It’s Time to Get Dirty

Posted: Jul 22, 2011

Gone are the days of managing from a distance. Today’s managers must get in the trenches if they want their sales teams to reach their full potential. Effective new home sales managers get “dirty,” by managing the process, not just the results; asking specific questions; and holding their sales professionals accountable to greatness.

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HB Resource–Street Selling

Posted: Jul 11, 2011

In my last column, I discussed some of the attributes of fearless salespeople. This time, we’ll discuss one of the qualities in more detail. Fearless salespeople are not afraid to be salespeople. I know it seems intuitive, but if you ever find yourself feeling the need to apologize for your role in a client’s home-buying process, then you have the wrong mindset.

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Builder Online–Is Social Media all that it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Posted: Jul 7, 2011

Social media is not the wave of the future for sales. The wave of the future for sales is what it’s always been—the human connection. As an outlet for mostly passive monologue with one-dimensional feedback at best, social media lacks that connection. Complete conversation is an active dialogue in real time where participants can influence the outcome.

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HB Resource–Are you in sales or sales support?

Posted: Jun 26, 2011

Charles Schwab once said that you’re either in sales or sales support. Salespeople are leaders and influencers. And those at the top of the profession are fearless. As a sales professional first and new home sales trainer second, I believe in fearless selling. I believe salespeople have more influence than price, competition, or any other circumstance.

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Press Release–Three of the Homebuilding Industry’s Top Thinkers and In-Demand Trainers to Host Workshop at PCBC

Posted: Jun 8, 2011

Three of the homebuilding industry’s top sales thinkers and most in-demand sales trainers will come together on June 22, 2011 to host “Impact! Sales Practices of the Best of the Best” at the annual PCBC conference in San Francisco. Leading new home sales authorities Jason Forrest, Jeff Shore and Mike Lyon will speak at the three-hour training workshop that will be full of information and tips on how to achieve new home sales success for your organization.
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Press Release–Woodside Homes selects J Forrest Group for company-wide training

Posted: Jun 6, 2011

America’s top 25 homebuilders, recently selected leading new home sales author, speaker and sales coach Jason Forrest to lead a companywide sales training program for its new home sales professionals. An annual program consisting of a series of seminars, a website e-learning component, and weekly salesforce goals and motivational calls, the program is based on Jason Forrest’s proven behavior modification approach aimed at achieving top line sales results for builders.

“As the nation’s leading authority on new home sales, Jason Forrest is a natural choice for Woodside Homes,” notes Jay Moss, Chief Marketing Officer of Woodside Homes.
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Builder News–A Positive Voice in the Housing Industry

Posted: Jun 2, 2011

My business is housing and I sleep just fine at night. I’m aware of low consumer confidence and doom and gloom headlines, but I have reasons for remaining positive and passing along good news in my blog, trainings, and seminars.

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Avid Builder–Selling True Savings

Posted: May 17, 2011

Forget the mortgage, let’s talk about total cost of homeownership. It’s normal for buyers to get stuck comparing costs on a surface level — a $1,500 mortgage versus an $1,800 mortgage — but as new home sales professionals, we must be able to see past the sticker price and help our clients see past it, too.

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Builder News–Today’s New Home Sales Challenge: Creating Interest in the Uninterested

Posted: May 9, 2011

We are at what is considered the tail end of one of the worst real estate depressions of our time and new home sales continue to lag in the United States. Just a few years ago, 95% of the visitors to new home sales offices arrived interested in buying. Now the numbers have plummeted to a mere 5% of visitors interested in purchase. This presents a major challenge for today’s new home sales force that can no longer ride the current of a building and buying boom.

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Nation’s Building News–Once Again, the Housing Naysayers Have Got It Wrong.

Published October, 2010.
Posted: Oct 4, 2011

The naysayers and pessimists are out in full force with their doomsday proclamations that homes are no longer a solid investment.

The New York Times printed this headline in August: “Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say.” And the September issue of Time magazine has the cover story, “Rethinking Homeownership: Why Owning a Home May No Longer Make Economic Sense.”

People have been reading these articles and thinking that they shouldn’t buy a home, but historically, booms always follow busts and demand eventually catches up with supply. Add the basic human need for shelter and the United States is in position for the inevitable — another housing boom.

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Avid Builder–Housing History Repeats Itself: How The New York Times and Time Magazine got it wrong.

Published September, 2010.
Posted: Sep 2, 2011

Historically, however, booms always follow busts and demand eventually catches up with supply. Add the basic human need for shelter, and the United States is in position for the inevitable — another housing boom.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen dismal predictions from credible news. Here are a few others:

“The prices of houses seem to have reached a plateau, and there is reasonable expectancy that prices will decline.” — Time Magazine

“If you are looking to buy, be careful. Rising home values are not a sure thing anymore.” — Miami Herald

“Most economists agree … a home will become little more than a roof and a tax deduction, certainly not the lucrative investment it was.” — Money Magazine

“We’re starting to go back to the time when you bought a home not for its potential money-making abilities, but rather as a nesting spot.” — Los Angeles Times

“Financial planners agree that houses will continue to be a poor investment.” — Kiplinger’s Personal Financial Magazine

But wait, I forgot to mention the dates. Each of the above quotes was printed between 1947 and 1993. And following each, the markets recovered, and eventually, they boomed.

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Sales and Marketing Magazine–Earn Respect by Being the Expert.

Published September, 2010.
Posted: Sep 1, 2011

Your customers are not looking for a new friend; they’re looking for a new home. Some sales trainers get it out of order by saying that your first focus should be to get your clients to like you. While it is important that your customers ultimately like and feel comfortable with you, the very first step should be to build respect. From there, a trusting relationship is just a natural byproduct. You can earn respect by showing clients that you know more about the process than they do, by solving their problems and improving their lives, and by leading the process.

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Builder–Three Steps to Creating Urgency in the Sales Process.

Published July, 2010.
Posted: Jul 3, 2011

Become an Influence. Create Desire.
“The biggest competition a salesperson has is not themselves; it’s not the other neighborhood across the street or even the market. It’s the conversation that you are not present to – the conversations customer’s have when they’re in the model home without you, when they’re in their care driving home, the self-talk in their head.

For more, read or listen here.

Big Builder Online–Big Picture: Target Emotions.

Published April, 2010.
Posted: Apr 8, 2011

Selling on circumstances like incentives and tax credits is a recipe for high cancellation rates; buyers easily will be swayed when a better deal comes along. However, it’ll be a lot harder for a client to walk away from the home that best suits their emotional and circumstantial needs. The desire to improve a person’s life has more influence over the buying decision than any other factor. If you are the best at identifying and solving a customer’s problem on an emotional and logical level, then you will be at the top, regardless of market conditions.

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Housing Zone–New-Home Salespeople Need Training to Close Today’s Buyers.

Article by Susan Brady, who quotes Jason. Published March, 2010.
Posted: Mar 1, 2011

After marriage/divorce and life and death, buying a home is the third most emotional decision we make, says Jason Forrest [...]. Once the federal tax-credit program ends, builders are going to have to learn to sell emotionally. That means getting to a much deeper level of understanding than salespeople typically achieve.

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New Home Know How–What Kind of American Idol Judge are You?

Published May, 2009.
Posted: May 14, 2011

“The other night, as I fast-forwarded through Paula Abdul’s comments so that I could hear Simon’s, I came to a realization: most people aren’t concerned with what Paula has to say. Why is that? Most of her comments consist of generic praise (e.g. “All you can do is the best you can do”). The advice she gives the contestants will not make them better. (The same can be said of Randy. He may say that someone’s performance was ‘pitchy,’ but rarely is his advice constructive or helpful.)”

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“If you are looking for an up-to-date, sincere, dynamic, energetic, and proven sales trainer who (and I consider this an absolute must) is a top level salesperson himself, Jason is the best I have seen. [...] We are only weeks into training with Jason, but the results are highly impressive and the attitude and direction are focused and very positive.”

Greg Smith
Main Street Homes, Austin, TX