Why it Works

Leadership Selling is principle-based, allowing ideas to be applied to all sales pros regardless of experience, products, education or geography.

Discovery Learning is utilized: Activities are structured, but designed so many of the applications are “discovered” by each person. Increased retention.

This program accommodates all learning styles with video input, facilitator comments, workbook activities, group discussions, role play, online discussion boards, audio messages, personal application and individual commitments.

  • Pacing: Each section is short and each week has one objective to focus on.
  • Structured repetition is built-in for higher retention.
  • Accountability: Group discussion, manager involvement and regular role play/practice helps sales pros learn how to apply the ideas and customize the concepts to their needs.
  • Real world application: Experience has shown that the “real-play” application each week is the most effective means to behavioral change.
  • Rewards and recognition: Built in rewards and recognition by peers, managers, and trainers. Builds individual confidence and creates stronger team synergy

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"When these lessons first started, I thought, 'Okay more training. Where will this take me and how will it benefit me?'

But with each successive lesson, the big picture gets clearer and clearer. Jason has taken a ”picture puzzle” and every week gives us more pieces to use to help complete the picture.

This week, the 10 goals are a reminder of what I’ve done for years but have used ”hit and miss." I’m now reminded that by applying the 10 goals as often as I can, I will be the leader that guides the buyer to their dream by selling them the exact home that will improve their life.' Hat’s off to you Jason!"

Galen Carnicelli