Selling big-ticket items is a fluid process--there is no one formula that works with each buyer. (at every level)

Jason Forrest is a sales professional at heart and believes that the best sales training is fluid, too. That's why we speak to sales teams weekly and provide situational advice that takes the books to the next level. Our clients tell us that they love our in-the- trenches style. We work with sales teams on converting their weekly buyers and we're more of a game-time sales coach than a theorist.

Although we follow a proven agenda on our coaching calls, we flex to the weekly needs of the sales team. We are just salespeople helping salespeople and providing them with the specific techniques that suit the challenges they face on a weekly basis.

Together, we roll up our sleeves and find a way.

Coaching influences beliefs.

The SPQ identifies

strengths as well as sales reluctances that are hindering sales pros.

When beliefs are in order,

the right behaviors naturally follow.

Whether you're a sales pro or a sales leader/CEO, the Sales Preference Questionnaire is the most effective tool for identifying strengths as well as areas (such as call reluctances) that are hindering sales professionals' results.

Regular use of the SPQ ensures quality new hires and increases ability to coach existing sales professionals to a new level.

*The SPQ & One-On-One Package

* Leadership Selling for Individuals is guaranteed to increase sales within 90 days or your money back.

* Leadership Selling for Sales Organizations is the only training program that offers a month-to-month contract. This ensures that we have skin-in-the game.
When you succeed, we succeed.

There are two beliefs that separate successful sales professionals from the average. The top 1% of sales pros believe that:

  1. The desire to improve one's life has more influence over a person's buying decision than any other factor.
  2. The sales professional has the ability to influence that desire. Sales professionals who believe both of those statements can tap into the power of what motivates buyers. And they separate themselves from everyone else. But those who don't understand what motivates their buyers and who don't believe they can influence that desire will never access the income that makes a career in sales worth all the sacrifices.

What drives behaviors? Emotions. When emotions and will are in disconnect, emotions win 80% of the time (William James). It's why most diets fail. Our emotions overpower our behaviors. Average sales professionals are filled with fear, but the top 1% have emotions of confidence-in themselves, in their products, and in their ability to earn what they're worth.

If they're afraid and a customer says they're just looking, the sales pro who lives in fear accepts that and becomes defensive. Average salespeople believe their success is dictated by the product, price, or market. This is a fixed mindset. Like a lottery mentality. The X-Factor believes it's all on them and that their success is linear with doing the right behaviors. So they believe that the more they can improve their craft, the more their income will follow. And their income is a direct result. So they're constantly working on their beliefs, and therefore their behaviors.

When it comes to beliefs, your beliefs have to be congruent with your behaviors. Every single time you get a new piece of information, you do a gut check. You bounce it off your beliefs and ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the philosophy presented.

If you don't believe in the philosophy, ask yourself how it aligns with the philosophy of the great ones. If it does line up with X-Factors, do a gut check and see if you can study to shift your belief systems to believe what X-Factors believe. If you can't shift your beliefs, you won't make X-Factor income.

You have to learn more than the behaviors to be truly successful. You have to have beliefs that line up too. You can actually be liberated from the programming and beliefs that limit you.