Executive Coaching

True change starts at the top.

Jason Forrest speaker speaking page creating urgency new home sales training and developmentIn order to develop sales organizations that sell homes rather than homebuilding organizations that tolerate salespeople, CEOs and division presidents need to be on board.

We often find that executives’ questions to managers are inconsistent with the goal of creating sales. By asking questions about signage, lighting fixtures, and what sales managers had for lunch, division presidents are training sales managers to be focused on the wrong things.

If you ask different questions, you’ll get a different response. With Executive Coaching, we teach leadership which questions to ask so that their sales managers are an inch wide and a mile deep on one thing-prospect conversion.

Our Executive Coaching program trains executives to ask sales managers the right questions-questions that produce results.








I have to say the past two days training has been unlike any that I’ve ever received. I am looking forward to helping the X-Factor emerge from not only each person on our sales team, but me as well! I am seeing things through and new set of eyes and I welcome what the next 12 months bring to all of us at Jeff Benton Homes!

Beverly Neel, Home Sales Trainer
Jeff Benton