• We are the culture change experts and believe that true change begins at the top, occurs from the inside out, and requires long-term coaching, rather than short-term training.
  • We believe in and teach both the art and science of the sales process. We coach sales professionals on skills and processes (the science), but also provide experiential learning so that they reach a point of self-assurance and confidence (the art) in their sales process.
  • We are different because we address beliefs, not just behaviors; we are sales professionals ourselves; and we have sold in difficult markets.
  • We are sales professionals. We are coaches. We are the culture change experts.

  • Strategic, Tactical, & Behavioral

    Training is focused on all three for a holistic approach to the sales professional.

  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Approach

    No other trainers are training the belief and behavior side in combination. We address the beliefs and behaviors, in combination, to create sustainable change and increased sales.

  • Custom Approach

    Relevant follow-up sessions, flexible scripts, and personalized training lead to the ability to customize the program in a way that works for each sales professional. This gives sales professionals ownership over their own training.

  • Out of the Box

    Teaching sales professionals to sell in the logical progression of the sale, not boxing them in with a rigid script or process.

Forrest Performance Group is committed to providing relevant training to participants.

Our trainers are sales pros first and foremost.
We adapt training sessions to realities of current challenges and business conditions.

  • Transformative,

    Forrest Performance Group provides a method of training that develops sales professionals over time by changing the culture of the company for which they sell. The transformation happens from the top down.

  • Mastery,

    Forrest Performance Group works to make each sales professional a "leader." It is the sales professional's job to lead a buyer through the sales process and to the final purchase decision. We teach sales professionals to master their sales skills so they are confident in their own abilities.

  • Sustainability,
    Sales Results

    Rather than a one-day "rah-rah" seminar or event that will help sales spike for a few months but drop off later, Forrest PG implements an entire sales system, philosophy and mindset shift. The end goal is to develop a system, knowledge base and culture that provide a foundation that is conducive to sustainable increased sales results.

Forrest Performance Group is the only training organization that transforms companies into sales organizations and individual salespeople into high-performance sales professionals.

As a sales professional, author, speaker, and sales coach, Jason's job is to help sales professionals increase sales and retention rates through Leaership Selling, Leadership Sales Coaching, and Leadership Sales Culture training.

Jason grew up under the influence of his father (a business owner and professional salesperson), his mother, (a persuasive speaking professor), and Zig Ziglar (his Sunday school teacher and world-famous salesperson/motivational speaker). Jason learned sales by selling rather than observing.

These influences and experiences shaped him into who he is today-a salesperson first, a trainer on a mission, a national speaker, and a coach who pushes sales organizations to become the best version of themselves.

Every year, Jason delivers approximately 92 keynotes/seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, sales managers, and executives.

Jason lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Shelly, and their two kids, Saunders and Mary Jane. They are also the proud owners of a playful Goldendoodle named Happy.

Relevant content delivered with authenticity

Books include:
Leadership Sales Coaching
LSC: Executive Summary
40 Day Sales Dare
Creating Urgency
40 Day Sales Dare for Auto Sales

The Program: The most complete training that combines classroom, one-on-one coaching, weekly videos, an online university, and weekly conference calls.

Certified Professional Corporate Speaker, Qualified for National Speaker's Association Million Dollar Speaker Group

Stevie Award for Top Sales Training Program, Professional Builder's 40 under 40, Training magazine's Top Young Trainer of 2012

Having started his career in construction and construction management, Jamie knows what it takes to transform a piece of raw dirt into a home. He knows it's more than bricks and mortar and that relationships are key. Jamie has developed superb communication skills in his experience with a wide variety of people and situations.

His reverence for selling and belief that his purpose is to improve people's lives serves him well. By helping prospects to communicate their needs and by extracting objections, he leads them to a resolution. Jamie believes that the better he is able to assess his prospects' needs and understand their objections, the better value he will provide.

Jamie has owned and managed 10 businesses and personally understands the passion, energy, and risk every business owner takes by flipping the "open" sign on the door. His great respect and understanding for entrepreneurs and business leaders allows him to relate to them in a very personal, genuine way. He knows that they are the motor that drives the world and feels it's his mission support their success in any way possible.

Laura keeps the operation running smoothly by overseeing all ongoing internal projects; ensuring team members are reaching company goals; and overseeing all client materials such as training kits, university websites, and handouts. Her excellent flexibility allows Laura to move effortlessly among a variety of tasks. Laura’s versatility and extremely high organization skills make her the perfect person to be in the middle of where all company crossroads meet.

Laura lives in Fort Worth, TX where she enjoys taking in all that the city has to offer and jogging along the Trinity River with her dog, Belle.

Mackenzie graduated from Ole Miss with dual degrees in hospitality and nutrition, as well as a minor in marketing.

With her unnatural passion for planning, scheduling, and color coding, Mackenzie was a natural fit for her role at Forrest PG. She was so sure of it, in fact, that she contacted Jason directly. Mackenzie is originally from St. Louis, where she is getting married in June.

Mary's background includes sales, fundraising, and corporate event planning. This role brings Mary back to her roots as she comes from a family of sales professionals. Mary loves being surrounded by sales coaches at Forrest PG who can lead her to the next level and is especially proud to share the "horned-frog" status with the company's fearless leader (go TCU!). Mary enjoys yoga and knitting costumes for her 12 cats (haha).

Phillip Anthony oversees digital media while also producing, filming, and editing Forrest PG's video content. He started working in broadcast media at 14 years old and produced his first commercial for cable television at just 17. Phillip has been around the world-shooting photography and producing video in 13 countries. Having worked with everyone from recording artists to doctors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, Phillip understands how to create compelling and cutting-edge media content that's uniquely creative and relevant to each industry's audience.

Phillip has been a business owner for the last 11 years and is passionate about his wife, family, and everything related to film.

Phil loves investing in people—a perfect fit for his role. With 15 years experience in sales, consulting and training, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Phil’s authentic speaking approach has earned him a reputation for being easy to listen to. He always strives to make his training relevant, real and applicable.

Phil is especially passionate about the Forrest PG philosophy that, “Our beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities and the it’s coaching along the way makes all the difference.” He loves being one such difference maker.

Phil lives in Texas with his wife Alisha and their two kids Spencer and Emily. He also is a singer in the International Champion Chorus - The Vocal Majority.

Chad is living the dream! It started in the hotel and restaurant industry, where he learned the value of having a game plan and having the right support system to reach your goals. He began to fully recognize the value of sales training and coaching when he moved to new home sales. There, he found that the right leadership could transform average salespeople to extraordinary sales professionals. Chad strongly believes that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Chad’s ability to relate to anyone and establish a relationship of trust and honesty makes asking for the sale and overcoming objections easy—a natural next step to closing the deal.

Chad lives in Maryland, where he enjoys working on his hopeful golf game and spending time with his twin daughters. Whatever the situation, Billy Joel tunes are never far from his lips (he doesn’t embarrass easily).