Redefine Training

Too many organizations are short-sighted regarding training. They provide one-day events to entertain sales pros and give them a short-term boost in energy or motivation.

Complete training, on the other hand, provides a long-term strategy. Training programs (rather than just events) are essential to an organization’s profitability because they provide a winning process and approach to any challenge.

One-day events are valuable as a jump start, but complete training programs provide increased sales, measurable ROI, tangible sales strategies, and accountability.

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Complete Training Provides:

  • Increased sales, relevant sales strategies, and actively-engaged sales professionals
    - In weekly calls with certified Forrest PG trainers, sales professionals work through the problems and challenges they face in their real-life, real-time new home sales and auto sales processes.
    - Big ticket sales professionals learn sales strategies to handle hidden objectives, overcome uncertainty, and lead buyers to make decisions to improve their lives.
    - Relevant training and long-term, consistent follow-up provide increased sales.
  • Measurable ROI through sales training programs, event-based speaking engagements, online video training, sales assessment tests, one-on-one coaching, sales management training, and executive coaching programs.
    - Our event-based speaking engagements bring sales professionals together in one room to struggle, grow, and succeed together.
    - Online video lessons provide weekly opportunities for individuals to perfect their selling process.
    - Sales assessment tests (such as the SPQ) measure a candidate’s (or current sales professional’s) strengths as well as their opportunities for growth toward X Factor success in the new home or automobile sales market.
    - One-on-one coaching establishes a constructive culture and an environment for individual growth and accountability.
    - Sales management training equips sales coaches to hold sales professionals and sales teams accountable.
    - Sales managers learn to become sales coaches so that they can lead their sales pros to do what they don’t want to do today so that they can earn what they want to earn tomorrow.
    - Sales training programs and executive coaching programs are tried and true. They have been proven to guide sales professionals and sales coaches towards increased sales and sustainability in every market.
  • Tangible sales strategies rather than theoretical solutions
    New home sales and automobile sales training must provide proven strategies and increased sales results.
    - Salespeople learn real-world experience and get their hands dirty in new home sales and automobile sales techniques.
    - We equip sales professionals with all the essentials selling tools before they go into the heat of the battle. We then follow through, follow through, follow through so that their success is sustainable.
  • Accountability through follow-up
    - Accountability is a crucial component of the new home sales and car sales training process.
    - Many training programs offer a one-time or annual seminar that provides a shot-in-the-arm at best.
    - We understand the difficulties of a career in any big-ticket sales profession (whether new home sales, automobile sales, or beyond). That’s why we work accountability and coaching into our training programs.